How to meet your best clients ?
by Marcus Lim on April 22, 2016

The success of the sales process depends on three high level factors:

₪ Your attitude. Are you willing to constantly meet new people, learn what you can and do everything in your power to give them the best experience you, and the company, are capable of?

₪ Your behaviour. Do you show yourself to be passionate, enthusiastic and memorable, with full belief in and knowledge of your product?

₪ Your technique. Do you communicate and plan well, and use the right methods to prospect, talk to clients and close the sale? The approach I have fine-tuned for many years now rests on these basic foundations:

① The result we want is a repeat customer, not just a closed sale. We are selling an experience that involves everyone, from the CEO to the service member on the floor. Teamwork is crucial across the entire organisation, not just our own small part of it. THE FOUNDATIONS OF SALES CRAFT  – CRACKING THE CODE

② Build your sales team well, matching roles to personality, character traits and communication style. I simplify everything into two kinds of roles—Hunters and Gatherers. Both are critical, and a sales team that loses either cannot function. Those with a more proactive, outgoing personality type make better Hunters, while those with gifts for administration and attention to detail are needed as Gatherers. Most importantly, each team member must know (and be satisfied) that their role is in keeping withtheir personality.

③ There is nothing mystical about attracting the client. Regardless of what they want, thereare structured, systematic approaches that will greatly increase your chances of taking themon. Sales success is not inborn; it can be learned with strategy and hard work. The processesof closing sales in the casino trade are simply novel applications of tested principles.

④ Clients are human beings first, with aspirations and wants just like you and me. Think of them as people to befriend, not walking, talking bank accounts; but also, never let your guard down. Friendship may make business easier, but it’s still business. A closed deal should benefit both parties, not stack everything in one side’s favour.

⑤ Provide clients with what they want, but keep the company’s resources in mind… and learn to say ‘no’ with grace, yet keeping the client’s friendship. Don’t commit above your authority