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Wisdom from an Unconvetional Leader

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Hello, Im Marcus

I created this site to help ambitious casino and hospitality companies learn from my experiences and success in selling to high-net-worth individuals. This site outlines a bit about me and my past experiences working with Whales It aims to give you some lessons and ideas to improve performance.


You can take a look at my book, How to Hook a Whale, and learn how I typically work with Casinos and Casino teams to drive success. If you want to hear from me more regularly, follow me for tips and stories on LinkedIn - you can find the link on my Contact page.


Thanks, and Good Selling! 

Current Sales Wisdom


Wisdom from an Unconvetional Leader

Marcus Lim is an expert in the gaming and hospitality industry. Marcus has broken revenue records in multiple companies and regions for major casinos. 

Marcus is not another faux sales guru. He is a man that has experienced it all and wants to help sales professionals find success in the casino world. 

How To Hook A Whale

Marcus has literally written the book on growing sales for casinos with high net worth individuals - How to Hook A Whale.

The book aims to share lessons, many found out the hard way, with people serious about making it in the casino industry, and help them achieve new levels of success. 

Whales are humans just like the rest of us - so how can you work with them to create consistent results? 

A Catalyst for Growth: Work With Marcus

Marcus is a dynamic leader, a problem solver, an advisor to numerous ambitious businesses and a consultant to the casino and hospitality industry across the globe. 

In his work with Casinos, he creates growth and expansion through sales teams, sales systems and compliance. 

Marcus motivates sales teams, creates camaraderie and instils management and leadership practices that drive growth. 

Grow Your Sales with VAULT Corporation

VAULT works with ambitious gaming and hospitality companies that are worried about the compliance of selling and marketing in multiple regions, concerned their expansion strategies are tired and uninspired or frustrated with the amount of local market knowledge they need to be successful. 

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