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Marcus Lim

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Everyone wants to think outside the box. But that thinking in itself is inside a box.


Subconsciously, we are always within a box of our own experiences and learnings from others. 


And sometimes, it’s scary to step outside what you know, or how society defines what success looks like.


But I’ve lived outside a box my whole career, and found modest success doing so. If you want to get a slice of what that’s like, this website is here to help.

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Hello, I'm Marcus

I created this site to help ambitious casino and hospitality companies learn from my experiences and success in selling to high-net-worth individuals. This site outlines a bit about me and my past experiences working with whales, and it aims to give you some lessons and ideas to improve performance.

You can take a look at my book, How to Hook a Whale, and learn how I typically work with Casinos and Casino teams to drive success. If you want to hear from me more regularly, follow my LinkedIn for tips and stories.


Thanks, and Good Selling! 

Unconventional Sales Wisdom

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How To Hook A Whale

Marcus has literally written the book on growing sales for casinos with high net worth individuals - How to Hook A Whale.

The book aims to share lessons, many found out the hard way, with people serious about making it in the casino industry, and help them achieve new levels of success. 

Whales are humans just like the rest of us - so how can you work with them to create consistent results? 

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A Catalyst for Growth

Marcus is a dynamic leader, a problem solver, an advisor to numerous ambitious businesses and a consultant to the casino and hospitality industry across the globe. 

In his work with Casinos, he creates growth and expansion through sales teams, sales systems and compliance. 

Marcus motivates sales teams, creates camaraderie and instils management and leadership practices that drive growth. 

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