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"My number one rule is that before I sell to someone, I become their friend. "

Marcus Lim

This book, strictly speaking, is not a sales book. Naturally so, because it does not aim to be one. Marcus does not aim to be another faux guru, and claim this one trick will make you a millionaire.

Marcus wrote the book for two reasons. Firstly, he got fed up with salespeople that couldn't sell - the sheer number frustrated him. Secondly, he fought an extremely lonely battle in his early years in this business without a mentor.

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This book may not be the mentor you need, but it should help teach you some lessons that

Marcus learned the hard way without more guidance. Through his personal story,

through his highs and lows, this journey should help you create your own story.

Otto von Bismark said 'Fool learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the

experience of others' and that is how Marcus hopes this book helps you.

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