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What working with 
Marcus looks like.

Marcus is a problem solver, advisor, and consultant to numerous ambitious businesses across various industries.


His courses can help you to understand your personality to develop your own unique sales style for you or your team. These courses are also designed to be fun, interactive, and insightful for you or your sales team as well!

"A good salesperson closes better deals more frequently than an average one. Simple."

Marcus Lim

Improving Sales

Sales is a hard industry to work in. You exchange safety and stability for stress and risk. 


Too few newcomers into sales get adequate training to be successful, so we see huge numbers burning out and not making it. But with the right investment into training and support success can be closer than you think. 

Buyer seller dance?

The sales process is a dance.

The difference between a good salesperson and an average salesperson is that they lead this dance, rather than being led by their prospect. 

Think about your last sale - did you lead the dance, or were you lead round by your prospect?

Sales philosophy

The sales philosophy Marcus creates is simple.

Because our customers are the end-all of our business, we have to be careful to take on those who are most likely to give it to us. Like a miner testing his haul for gold, you'll need to evaluate each customer as you grow your relationship with them.

Find them, turn your customers into your friends and keep your relationships strong. 

Learn as much as possible.

Size the customer up.

Make friends and then, and only then, go for the sale.

The foundational idea Marcus holds is that the sale cannot be forced. It is an agreement to have an experience that you and the customer make together. Too often deals are ruined by people thinking too much about themselves and their payday. 

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Shared Office

Taking a systemic approach.

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There is nothing mystical about sales and attracting a client.

Regardless of what they want, there are structured systematic approaches that will greatly increase your chances of taking them on. 

Sales success is not inborn; it can be learned with strategy and hard work. The processes of closing sales are simply novel applications of tested principles.

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