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Meet Marcus

Marcus Lim is one of the most widely-regarded and notable figures in the world of VIP sales to ultra-high net worth individuals in the travel and hospitality sector. He’s also an entrepreneur, sales strategist, skilled negotiator, storyteller and dream-weaver all rolled into one—after all, the immense pressure of being a top-tier VIP casino sales manager demanded no less. But of course, no one starts out as an exceptional salesperson. Marcus had fought tooth and nail in the ruthless world of startups, and then later the casino industry to finally stand where he is today: at the top, with years of experience under his belt.

Past Experiences

The Star Entertainment Group

2016 - 2020

President of International Marketing

Crown Resort

2011 - 2015

Vice President of International Marketing

Las Vegas Sands Resort

2009 - 2011

Director of International Marketing

Through many years of selling to affluent customers in the gaming and hospitality business, he’s learnt the most effective methods of closing the sale with his multi-millionaire and billionaire clientele. He’s something of a legend in his field: his team broke all historical records in the company by bursting the annual sales target by a whopping 270%, essentially netting a ludicrous 60 billion dollars in turnover for the firm. Aside from selling, he’s deeply experienced in managing sales teams and has held multiple leadership roles in major global companies.

Marcus's Story

Marcus's exuberant effusiveness is buoyed by a sincere desire to guide others. He’s been there, done that, and is intimately acquainted with all the common pitfalls. Being pushed to the cusp of bankruptcy, backstabbed by both enemies and friends and caught in the web of mysterious corporate politics—his illustrious and successful career belies the diverse challenges he faced. That’s what drives him to do all he can to help others to have a better journey—and avoid the same old mistakes. Marcus genuinely hopes to help each person go above and beyond their expectations and past records in elevating their sales game.

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Professional Work

Marcus is currently the CEO and Founder of several companies: the professional consultancy company Vault Industries, under which he has just launched the start-up Hello-Alfred, a luxury lifestyle platform.  

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