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How to Hook a Whale

Want to know what it takes to have billionaires on your speed dial, party with high rollers and bring in billions of dollars in annual revenue? In this exciting tell-all, Marcus Lim, a seasoned marketer in VIP international casino sales, will divulge his secrets on what it takes to wheel and deal with the ultra-rich. Being a VIP casino host may look like glitz and glamour on the outside, but you'll need to be a shrewd businessman, astute mind-reader and empathetic psychologist all rolled into one to ensure that all your ultra-high-net-worth (and ultra-demanding) customers are happy… along with your bank account.


A master juggler in the pressure cooker of high-stakes gambling, he balances players and casino politics in his job with finesse. Peculiar title and all, How to Hook a Whale is the foremost hospitality book and a must-read for everyone in the explosive market of luxury lifestyle. Want to win big at work… and in life? Order Marcus’ unconventional and thrilling journey, 

Just as in the casinos, in life we cannot ascertain how the cards will turn.  We are readily coached in mathematics to hedge our bets and take calculated risks, but it's difficult to find a credible source that can articulate the importance of emotional intelligence with bonafide examples.



Alvin Lai

Creative Director