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Sales Leadership

Marcus Lim

What working 
with Marcus 
looks like.

Marcus is a dynamic leader, a problem solver, an advisor to numerous ambitious businesses and a consultation tot he casino and hospitality industry across the globe.


A good salesperson close better deals more frequently than an average one.


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How he works with casinos.

Casinos are experiences. Yes, there's gambling involved which people think is the main aim, but it isn't. You have to sell the experience. When working with High Net Worth Individuals, if the goal was to make as much money from them as possible from their losses, they would stop coming back - simple.


The casino can offer the experience, but only the truly trained sales professionals can close the right deals for them. Every friendship and business deal with high net worth individuals is different and it is up to the salesperson to have the insider information about a client that takes their experience from good to great.

Marcus and his team, through their years of experience, can help you drive sustainable growth whilst ensuring regulatory requirements are also met when selling to the people you really want in Casinos.


Marcus works with Casinos under the umbrella of his company Vault Corporation.


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How he works with casino teams.

Too many great doers are expected to become great leaders, despite the skill set being entirely different.


To scale up sales teams and successfully lead, Marcus uses a set of management principles that he helps embed into Casino teams across the world.


The questions he asks companies that needs  improvement are:


Am I taking full responsibility and ownership for what happens so that I'm in the best position to solve problems?

Are we problem-makers, or problem-solvers? What needs to be done to become more of the latter, and how will we know when we reach the status?

Who can I trust to give me the bad news, and correct the course if necessary?

How is our relationship with our manager, and do we have a meaningful say in affairs beyond our own point of view?

In his work with teams around the world, he has created a culture of camaraderie and success by instilling the principles that have helped drive his achievements.


Marcus works with Casino team under the umbrella of his company Vault Corporation.


Improving Sales

Sales is a hard industry to work in. You exchange safety and stability for stress and risk. Too few newcomers into the Casino industry get adequate training to be successful, so we see huge numbers burning out and not making it. But with the right investment into training and support success can be closer than you think.

Buyer, Seller Dance 

The sales process is a dance. The difference between a good salesperson and an average salesperson is that they lead this dance, rather than being led by their prospect.

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