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Vault Corporation


In order to sustainably grow revenues for casino and hospitality firms, outside ideas are needed. Expansion into new markets are essential, but limitations with gaming license and compliance come into the picture. Without proper optimisation of sales & operations, growth remains unachievable.

Vault specialises in both compliance and sales, where it incorporates and applies AML compliance principles in every aspect of our work. This is to ensure regulatory requirements are met across various jurisdications to help instead of hindering business growth.


Vault's Quote

A visionary is one who fails many times but is able to withstand challenges, looks forward, and takes huge risks to innovate. That is why VAULT was conceived to address the issues the industry is currently facing - by taking calculated risks with partners and pushing towards excellence.

Engaging Vault

In the casino and hospitality industry, sales commissions and bonuses don't always drive Hunters. They typically keep people comfortable.

So what can you implement to shake things up?


Marcus and VAULT recently installed a new team and bonus structure for a well-known casino group. The aim of this new structure was to remove too much hierarchy in the sales team and motivate smaller teams to drive revenues they have more control over.


At the same time, this groundbreaking change pushed OPEX down whilst creating a better system for driving sales.


Marcus helped train this team for success, built the management and leadership skills and revolutionised the way the company operated.

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