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About Marcus.


Marcus is someone that wants to share his knowledge with the world and teach people to sell better professionally to achieve success in their lives. He wants to share some of the lessons he learned the hard way in his impressive career so you don't have to go through the same things as him.

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Marcus is someone who has climbed to the highest positions of major companies in the gaming and hospitality industry. Someone who has broken records for the number of billions in profit he brought in for the company. And finally, someone who spent his childhood crammed in a three-room HDB flat with seven other people.

Marcus does not claim to be a faux sales guru. He wants to offer solid help and advice based on experience and success of what works. He has a knack for dealing with difficult customers, solving business problems and bringing it record numbers wherever he goes.


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President of International Marketing.

The Star Entertainment Group


rank for Australia VIP & Southern Hemisphere integrated resort


growth without debt for South Asia market


turnover, highest and AUD 13B above year-to-date board budget

The bet for PC.

Marcus has never done things by half.

In front of a restaurant full of Crown employees, he made a bet with the President that would change his life forever.

Make it into the President Club by the end of the financial year by hitting 150% of our annual target or shamefully resign and possibly never work in the industry again.

Was it a realistic bet? 100% not, but Marcus's attitude was 'Let's do this'.

And they did.

Over the next few months, Marcus and his small team hustled and worked tirelessly. It was unimaginably exhausting- day after day, month after month, with a single-minded focus on getting more customers.

The driver was the burning desire to prove people wrong, not the financial rewards on offer.

By year end, Marcus had made history. They had surpassed their annual budget and broke all historical company records by achieving 270% in an industry where most teams struggle to hit 100%.

This is Marcus through and through. Driven by a desire to prove people wrong and win, his constant hustling and pushing himself has seen him create a career and life that he hopes can inspire and help others.

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