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Start Right: The Basics of Sales

Master the essential steps to making successful sales, from the veteran at the apex of the casino sales industry. 



  • Know Yourself: Introduce Yourself and What You Represent

  • Know Your Customers: How to Prospect a Sales Target


  • Identify Your Prospects’ Troubles 

  • Craft Your Proposed Solution

The Sale

  • Sell Your Proposal

  • Close the Deal

  • Fulfil the Deal


  • Follow up With Customers and Team

  • Reconnect With Ex-Clients

  • Attract Returning Clients: Purpose, Hook, Sell Again


The fact is, you’re selling all the time, whether you like it or not. Marcus believes that understanding basic sales techniques is essential not just to close the customer, but also in everyday life. Yet sales is an art, not a science—something elusive and hard to grasp. That’s why Marcus has created a concrete, easy-to-understand sales process that will clearly outline everything you need to know and do. In this seminar, you will gain a solid understanding of the entire sales cycle, from prospecting potential targets to attracting returning customers


Don’t be fooled by the name—this seminar is not just for salespeople. We recommend it to anyone who wants to sell professionally, no matter which industry they are currently in. Even if you’re not in a corporate post, learning to market yourself is always a valuable skill to have!


Start Right:

The Basics

of Sales


Work Right: Building an Effective Sales Team


Lead Right: Managing a Superstar Team

Start Right

Work Right: Building an Effective Sales Team

Boost sales by building a culture of teamwork that will lead the team to achieve greater heights together.



  • The Two Main Roles: Hunters and Gatherers (Not every member needs to sell)

  • Make the Best of Personality Tests: Myers-Briggs, DISC

Team Dynamics

  • The Purpose of a Sales Team

  • Different Strokes for Different Folks: No one salesperson can connect with everyone 

  • Roles Within a Sales Team


  • Remunerate Sales: Balancing between starvation and obesity

  • Slave Driving or Commending?

  • Inspire the Team: Playback the feeling of a win

  • Build Camaraderie: One for all, all for one mindset


Behind every great salesperson is a great team. Sales is a team effort, and you need a mixture of talents with different skill sets. But how do you assign the right person to the right job? And how do you work together with a hodge-podge of wildly unique personalities? Years of working with people of all nationalities and eccentricities have honed Marcus’ keen intuition for reading personalities. In a nutshell, he deeply understands interpersonal relationships. In this seminar, he will share the tips and tricks that helped him and his team achieve record-breaking sales.


Whether you’re looking to set up a sales team or reshuffle your current lineup, this seminar will teach you how to recruit the most complementary members. Companies who want to improve teamwork and team relationships to achieve better sales are highly encouraged to book this seminar. 

Work right

Lead Right: Managing a Superstar Team

Discover Marcus’ refreshing style of leadership that will boost your managing capabilities and enable you to handle the best salespeople.



  • Decision Making: You’re now a sales leader. What next?


  • Management is all about Communication

  • You’re the Boss: Getting sales folks in line

  • Incentivise, Not Threaten

  • No Favoritism: Stick to pure facts and figures

  • Crown the King and Queen: Encourage healthy competition

Embracing Change

  • The Best Forecasting is Staying Present: Don’t fixate on the sales pipeline

  • Switch Up the Playbook: New sale, new strategy

  • Succession Planning: Making yourself redundant


What are star salespeople like? You know it, they’re some of the loudest, most confident and headstrong people you’ll ever meet. They’re probably great at selling—but not so great at following orders obediently. As a sales team manager, how are you going to lead this bunch of prima donnas and get them to work for you, instead of against you? As a leader, the way you rally your team around you is going to make or break your sales success. Marcus has been at the end of ineffectual leadership enough times to fully understand its flaws, and has employed his own methods to truly spectacular, record-breaking sales success.


In this seminar, Marcus will share his personal experiences of both good and bad leadership, pointing out the common pitfalls of newly elected leaders as well as giving his insight on the best way to effectively lead a sales team to greater heights


Current sales team leaders, as well as those who aspire to one day become a leader themselves. If your sales team is still in the process of becoming the best, we’d recommend that you start with “Work Right: Building an Effective Sales Team” and attain your ideal sales figures, before attending this seminar.

Lead right
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